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Pascal's Wager

Pascal's Wager

Thinking about your questions, I cannot help but recall John Henry Newman’s quip about the prayer of the modern sceptic - ‘Oh God, if there be a God, save my soul, if I have a soul’! Is this where Pascal’s wager leaves us – knowing nothing, blindly throwing our lot in with ‘God’, as a matter of sheer pragmatism?

Book Reviews


The Next Christendom - The Coming of Global Christianity

Philip Jenkins, Oxford University Press


Triumph and Demise - the Broken Promise of a Labor Generation

Paul Kelly, Melbourne University Press, 2014.


The Sleepwalkers - How Europe Went to War in 1914

Christoper Clark, Penguin, 2012.



Essay - Is an unjust law law?

What is law? Does the validity of law depend on it being moral? This essay, which won a prize as part of the 2014 Australian Legal Philosophy Students Essay Competition, explores the relationship between law and morality and seeks to explain how the law can claim to be binding on those within its jurisdiction.